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Noah Killed A 3-Liter

January 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

This morning, Noah woke up at 5am to join me at early morning prayer. I would like to say he did it solely for the privilege of praying with us. But, I had enticed him to come with the prospect of shooting our newly restored shotguns afterwards.

GOOD NEWS! I completely disassembled, cleaned, painted and reassembled the guns and they actually work!

We were shooting cans of soda with birdshot. But, as we were reloading, I found a 12 gauge  00 buckshot shell. So, the obvious thing to do was kill something larger than a can of soda. So, we broke out the 3 liter of orange soda.

I give to you Noah shooting a big shell for his first time. Enjoy!