ROCK Church Senior Pastor

I am married to Jennifer. She is way out of my league and I know it. After all these years, she’s my favorite person to hang out with. Plus, she’s smokin’ hot and incredibly smart. How’d I get so blessed?

I am Gabriel, Noah and Adam’s dad. I don’t deserve such amazing sons. They make me proud to be their dad.

I am also the senior pastor at ROCK Church in Wilmington, NC. The ROCK is an incredible multi-racial, non-denominational church. What makes it so great? That’s easy. It’s because of the amazing people God has joined to us to help reach our city. They are the most loving, giving, gracious, servant hearted people I have ever known. Leading this church is one of the great joys of my life.

In my spare time, I enjoy motorcycles, jumping out of airplanes, diving with sharks and anything else that will feed the adrenaline junky in me.


Carpe Diem Coram Deo
This is what drives my life. It means to seize the day in the presence of God. My goal every day is to never forget that He is watching and He made this day for me. So, I must seize it for His glory.

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